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What happened to snapshots?

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In previous versions of VideoPad, I had an option of taking a snapshot at some point in my video and saving it as a still image. That option seems to have been taken out. I can still press the F11 key to take a snapshot, but I cannot choose the resolution for the snapshot anymore because the actual menu for it is gone.

Is it really gone, or did you just move it? If it is truly gone, can you please put it back in a future version? I liked having the snapshot ability. It made it easy for me to get thumbnails for my youtube videos without having to switch apps!

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1) F11 takes a snapshot of the sequence, not the clip preview.

2) You can right click the clip preview and select Take Snapshot of Clip. This should take a snapshot of the clip preview.

3) You can use File menu -> Clip -> New Freeze Frame Image from Preview or  File menu -> Sequence -> New Freeze Frame Image from Preview.

     In some versions of the user interface, these choices - CLIP and SEQUENCE - are shown on a separate menu bar, not under FILE.

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