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Partial de-amplification?

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So let's say I'm editing some audio using VideoPad. At the audio track's loudest point, the audio is simply too loud. I could simply reduce the volume of the audio, but that would reduce the volume of all sounds coming from that track. Some sounds may be reduced to such a point that it isn't loud enough.

I'm looking for a type of audio effect whereby I set either a decibal level or a percentage as my "threshold." Any audio that is louder than this threshold would be reduced down to that theshold. Not eliminated altogether, but reduced down to that thresshold. However, sounds in the audio track that are at the thresshold or below it would not be de-amplified at all.

Does NCH have such an audio effect I can apply?

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Try this.. You don't necessarily need the sound clip on the Audio track...

  • Load the sound clip into VP
  • Select the audio clip in the audio clip  bin and look at the preview screen. You will see a blue line along the centre
  • Play the preview and at the loud points grab the line and pull it down. This will decrease the volume at that point.


You can repeatedly play the clip and re-adjust the points until the required effect is obtained.



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