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Copying Clips to a new file

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Hi there:

Hope somebody can help with what I thought would be an easy task.

Sorry in advance if I am overlooking something obvious; as the method I am trying worked with other Video Editing Software.

I have a paid version of Video Pad Professional.  Let us say I have a 5 minute music video and I want to copy or cut a piece of it to a new file.  I split the file (for example between the 2 minute and 4 minute mark).  I then right click over the split section and choose copy.  I then go to New File and attempt to past but the option is greyed out and will not let me put it on the storyboard either with a right click or Control V.

Thank you for your help,


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Where do you see New File?

Anyway, try this...With the clip on the timeline.. Save the project....then..

  • Split at point 1
  • Split at point 2
  • Grab the portion between the splits.  Drag and drop it in the clip bin. This gives  a new clip of that portion in the clip bin.

Copy/Paste of the section on the timeline can only be transferred (Inserted/overlaid etc.) elsewhere on the timeline.

You could also delete the unwanted sections and then export the bit you require or create a sequence if your section is more complex.


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