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Curiouser and curiouser ?

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Not really a problem; just rather odd ?

Having more or less finalised the project,  I used the "Save Portable Project As" option and then transferred the resultant folder on to another PC.

When I opened the folder on the 'other PC' and and tried to run the project file, about 30% of the files failed to load ?

Odd, because they were all .jpg files, of similar size, and all loaded and ran in the original location on the laptop upon which the project had been created.

After much fiddling and diddling (a PC technical term) I discovered that if, in the new location, I opened each file that had failed to load, using MS Picture Manager, Auto-Corrected and saved it, then when I tried to run the project file again everything loaded and ran as it should.

Is this something to do with' technical differences' between the laptop and the PC, or is it something else ?

Just curious ?

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I do not wish to appear as inept as I probably am, BUT, how would I do that ? 😕

The "Save Portable Project As" package in question is pretty much the same as the one that I sent to you several days ago, when I had queries about poor export quality. 

All the images are the same, the only tweaks have been in the transitions, timings and durations, relative to the audio track, so maybe you could take a look at those images, if you still have them;

BUT, …………

It could all be a waste of your time, as you said that the whole thing worked fine. If that is the case then the problem I am seeing, will possibly not reveal itself to you, so I guess I will just have to live with the niggle ?

Curious though?

One would assume that portable is, as you say, portable.

I have repeated the process a couple of times, and each time the same images refuse to load until I have 'tweaked and saved' them.

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With ref to the PM, I am struggling with the One Drive/Share process.

I am told that the file is copied to clipboard, I can not find the clipboard, but I seem to have sent the existing zipped file to everyone in my address book.

I am now going to give up on this.

I will just live with this issue.

Thanks for your help.


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It must be something to do with the Laptop and PC having some sort of incompatibility issue with regard to specific image files. Maybe related to 32 or 64 bit or X64 or X86, although I wouldn't have a clue as to quite why ??

Maybe it's just gremlins lurking in my small household network. Hub, PC, Laptop, Notebook and Printer.

I can live with the issue.

Thanks for your help.

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I think I may have identified the root cause of some of the problems that I have encountered, at least in part. It would appear that I am running a 32-bit version of win10 on a laptop that is capable of running the 64-bit version. Quite how this happened I do not know? I guess I must have ticked the wrong box somewhere along the line. I am informed that this can be rectified BUT it seems to be a complex process so I shall not bother to try it. 

This issue seems to effect some of the videos that I upload to YouTube, and may go some way to explaining why I have to lower the Youtube quality option when I initially play the stuff back after having uploaded it.

Another strange happening relates to the audio reproduction. It may be more related to my earphones, or perhaps the imported Cubase audio track, or even my tinnitus,  than to VideoPad. If I play the track back on external speakers it sounds ok (ish), but if I listen through my bass-boosted earphones, the bass guitar sounds strangely flat?

Anyway, regardless of everything, I have uploaded the finalised track onto YouTube, and if anybody wants to check it out it is here:, for what it's worth.


Just don't listen using bass-boosted earphones. 🤣


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