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Trouble getting Debut to recognize Sony HandyCam

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I just installed Debut 5.25 and am trying to get it to capture video from a Sony HandyCam Digital8 camcorder, which I have connected to the computer by FireWire. When I click on the "capture" icon in the toolbar, I get an error window that says "No valid capture device could be found." When I go to Tools > Options, and click the "Capture Device" radio button, there are no options in the "Name" dropdown.

The camera is a Sony HandyCam Digital 8 tape camcorder, Model No. DCR-TRV520.

The computer is a Lenovo ThinkPad T430 laptop running Windows 10. I am using a StarTech EC13942 2-port ExpressCard 1394a FireWire card, which plugs into the ThinkPad's ExpressCard slot. Cabling between the camera and the FireWire card is FireWire 400.  

I had no trouble connecting the computer to an external DVD drive using this FireWire card.

I am wondering where to go from here.

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In this case, I recommend you to check different capture options, for example some video capture devices are detected as a Webcam and some Webcams are detected as capture devices, so you may need to go to Options > Video tab > and confirm if the device is detected under Webcam or under Capture Device. In case you still have issues, you can check that the drivers are correctly installed. Updating or reinstalling them could fix the issue.


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