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An overlay is edited, but deleted parts still play (at least in the preview)

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Okay, so I have a clip I'm overlaying on top of another clip. I am editing out parts of the overlaid clip and was not getting the results I was expecting. I eventually realized that, even though I have deleted sections from the overlaid clip, they still play in the preview.

I should clarify that there were sections in the middle of the overlaid clip that I deleted and the preview worked properly. The problem seems to be when I tried to delete the end of the overlaid clip.

To put simply, the last 10 seconds of the overlaid clip continues to still show in the preview when playing even though it's deleted from and does not even appear in the sequence. I can click off the "eye" so that the overlaid clip doesn't show, and then the "base" clip will play as normal.

I don't have time to experiment now, I have to be going (thought I could do these quick edits before I left) so I don't know if it would actually appear correct if exported and this is just a preview glitch. I'll have to experiment more later, but thought for now I'd see if there is an error on my end or if this is a known issue.

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Okay, the wife wanted to finish her show before we left so I had time for a quick experiment.

Overlaid a clip on top of another. Any section deleted from the middle of the overlaid clip will disappear when the project is previewed (picture reverts to the "base" clip during that blank section). But when I delete from the end of the overlaid clip, it continues to play the overlaid clip just as if it was still there.

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Ran five tests with 6.30, with two different video overlay clips, and none had the issue. Same result whether the file was split out or shortened by dragging its end left.

However, on first preview, after deleting the end of the overlays, the last scene of the overlay froze.  Played again, from the top, the overlay ended at the point it was trimmed.

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I installed 6.30 and now a modified overlaid video track appears correctly in preview.

It was either something with my install, or a problem with 6.23.

EDIT: I found a bonus in the new version!

A big thanks to the devs for the default export destination setting. I always work with a bunch of small clips treated as separate projects and it's so much easier (and a big time saver) not to have to keep pointed it back to my work directory.

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