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Exported video is corrupted


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I have made and exported numerous videos from VideoPad without issue, but my last project gets corrupted when I export it.  It originally wouldn't export, I upgraded to the latest version of VideoPad and now it exports but when you play the video it is scrambled and stops half way through.  I cleared the cache & made numerous changes to the video, but this made no difference.  I would really appreciate any thoughts on how I could correct this?   I "SAVED PORTABLE PROJECT AS", ZIP'd it and uploaded it to DropBox linked below. 


Thanks in advance for any help!!!


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Unable to pin down the problem;  maybe the app doesn't like Readiwip.😉

To work around it, the project was divided into two sequences at 2:30, then those sequences were combined in sequence 3 and exported at 1920 X 1080 - 45fps.

In the future, converting files that are higher than HD res to 1920 X 1080 might help to expedite editing.  Quality loss should be negligible.


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