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More Hotkeys, a LOT more Hotkeys

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I ended up purchasing Voxal but one of the biggest things that kept me from purchasing right away was the lack of hotkeys. Because Voxal can be used for streaming there needs to be a multitude of hotkeys like OBS (broadcasting software) has. Let's say I have 4-5 scenes set up in OBS and each one uses a different Voxal voice, I want to be able to push say, numpad1 and change to the scene while at the same time changing the VoxalVoice all by only pressing one key. Right now this works, but I can only do this with 4 voices.

Ideal would be around 20 hot keys, maybe even unlimited hotkeys like OBS has, but four hotkeys is definitely not enough for anything beyond casual use. Who can I speak with about finding a work-around or getting this implemented? I think it would possibly increase sales for this program as it was certainly a hang up with me, I also can't imagine that it would be too difficult to add more hotkeys. 

Voxal overall is a great program, thanks for your work.

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