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First timer quick queries


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Hi all, new user here.  VideoPad Free 6.30  Windows 8.1

Managed to create a video using 3 clips and my own titles, software seems great but am confused on couple of points :

(1) When I went to Export a pop-up directed me towards a paid version but I was able to dismiss it and continue regardless.

So is this a trial version that has an expiry date or is it truly free for home use in perpetuity?  If the latter, what features are restricted?

(2) I exported in .wmv format and the resulting 3 minute video file is 26.2 MB but exactly the same video created by Windows Movie Maker is 495 MB !

I can't detect any difference in playback quality on my laptop, so what's the reason for the size discrepancy?

Thanks in anticipation.

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After the trial period some export and upload, and perhaps effect choices, like plugins, and audio tracks are disabled;  can't recall precisely.

VP offers many production choices, whereas WMM may not.  File size depends upon several factors.  Generally, the best quality is achieved when export settings match content.

In Videopad's export menus try the "resolution" field's AUTO MATCH.  In the "format" field, click the FILE SIZE link to see the quality options.

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Hi borate, many thanks for quick reply.

So how long is the trial period exactly?

I am trialling several free editors with a view to replacing WMM (which I still think is brilliant).

If I am going to lose most of VP's export choices then maybe I should give up the trial now?

Much depends which ones remain.

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OK thanks again.

Think I'll wait and see what I lose after the trial and try some other editors in the meantime.

I am reluctant to pay but if I did I'd probably go for Adobe.

At worst I can always carry on with WMM.

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Well, after that last post I went back to my little project and discovered that NO export options are available without getting the paid version.

Also the pop-up makes clear it's only for one device, but I have one in UK and another abroad.

So I'm afraid it's no good for my purposes.

What's more it's annoying that this wasn't made clear before I wasted my time learning to use it.

Wouldn't it be fairer and more honest to come clean?

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What Ho, Rufford old chap !

I somehow managed to download version 6.29, which lasted 14 days as a freebie.

I have just exported a fair sized video, which I intend to stick on my YouTube Channel. It is 1920 x 1080 (1080HD) - .avi - 29.97 fps - 99.9Mbs - and it runs for just under 4 minutes. It included over 70 clips, multiple effects and a load of transitions. 

I was in the middle of compiling it, using Windows MovieMaker,  on my old XP machine, when it became somewhat unstable, (old age, I guess) so I saved the images onto my laptop which is running windows 10, and started afresh with VideoPad.

I had initially managed to download V6.3, but when it expired I somehow managed to download an earlier version.

I can not recall whether, or not, it was via the NCH site or from a third party. 

The downloaded .exe file looked like this:-  "VideoPadVideoEditorFree.exe" as opposed to the Version 6.3 which downloaded as:- "VideoPadVideoEditor.exe". Don't ask me how or why, I ain't no expert !

It is worth persevering with the programme, as it seems to be somewhat more 'sophisticated', offering a lot more options than did the original Windows MovieMaker, which I have been using for a long time.

It may be worth noting that I altered all the image sizes to a 16:9 ratio, and maintained a height/depth of 500 pixels max, which produced a pretty decent image on the 15 inch laptop. I set the preview size  to 512 x 288, in Tools: Options: Display.  This was not to my knowledge available for adjustment in MovieMaker; if it was, then I never noticed it so, obviously, I never used it.

I think that the .wmv format is also available for export in the free version, although I think there may be size limitations. 

I have a few glitches to sort out due to 'finger trouble', so I will be exporting again. I will check some of the other options and post the resultant info here, as and when.

I hope this info helps. If not, just nip into the 'Hesketh Arms for a quick one,  ……………. with your handle, you must reside somewhere near it . 😀

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Hi Montezuma,

I've been in the Hesketh Arms in the past but don't live near to it, never have, I'm t'other side of Preston but know a few Southport folk.

I am really really struggling to find a decent - and free - replacement for WMM but there's nothing so simple and intuitive.

I have rejected several and am almost at the point of giving up.  Seriously considering buying Adobe.

I edit our holiday videos and photos into .wmv format, usually 3 or 4 mins but maybe up to 10, and compile them onto a DVD.

I use Windows DVD Maker for that on an old Win7 laptop - another excellent software that's impossible to replace.

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That's Videopad's target market, in my opinion.  You could spend more in one month for a high-ender's subscription than to license a copy of VP.

Updates are free for up to six months, as I recollect.  Thereafter, the latest version will exact a price, but your licensed copy will continue to fully function.

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