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Duplicate FreeDB ID causing incorrect CD information to return?

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I am also having challenges getting the right information about the CD in Express Rip (version 2.0)

I want it to use Musicbrainz (and have set it to do so in the options).

However, it pulls up the wrong information.

The issue seems to be that Express Rip only uses the FreeDB ID in queries - that is the only similarity between the two CDs - the Disc ID and the track times are different

This is the correct CD information - https://musicbrainz.org/cdtoc/pmYBYu9LKm2bxL5IgMzfPsDuUrw-

But Musicbrainz's query returns information about this CD - https://musicbrainz.org/cdtoc/MKwy57tlMstV1FzGIUhcyf..3kY-

But - both CDs have a freedb ID of a70edc0c - I assume this is the problem.

Odd that Express CD doesn't offer me a choice between the two CDs?

Anyway - is there a way to make the Express Rip use something besides the freedb ID in the query to Musicbrainz?

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Actually, those two servers will be the only ones that Express Rip will use. There is no way to change this and since they are free they might not always load the correct album information.

You can send a suggestion to the NCH Software developers about the program and features using this link if you like: http://www.nch.com.au/suggestions/

Good Luck!

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The issue isn't that I want to use a different server, I am happy to use Musicbrainz, but I just want Express Rip to be a bit more diligent when querying.

I guess then either Express Rip should

#1 - offer me to choose between multiple results if the query returns more than one result

#2 - improve the query to use track times or disc ID or something like that to ensure that only one result is returned.

I submitted an improvement request.

Thanks for the reply!

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