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Disappearing fade effects ?

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I  noticed some odd happenings as I edited the video that I am currently putting together. I have had a swift look around the forum but can find no mention of the topic..

I have one audio track which is locked, and two video tracks neither of which is locked.

The primary video track contains image clips (all originally jpg files of a standard size – 890 x 500, or thereabouts) and the secondary video track just contains text clips which I have introduced via the Text or Title options.

In some cases these text clips are cross faded, and where this is the case there is no problem.

However, where I have spaces between the text clips, (as I have aligned some of them to specific ‘sound’ detail in the audio track), I am finding that the “fade in” and “fade out” options disappear if the clip is moved.

I also noticed that when I select the ‘fade in’ or ‘fade out’ option, for the text clips, in the FX menu, these do not seem to show up in the window after having selected them, (using the green cross symbol in the top left corner of the “effects text clip” window), whereas any other effect, or at least all those I have used to date, seem to show up, and offer an option to delete in the blue title bar via a white cross at the right end in the “effects text clip” window.

Am I missing something here, am I doing something incorrectly, or is all as it should be ?

It’s no big deal really, but having finalised the video and exported it as an .mp4 file, I was a bit nonplussed when during the first playback of the exported video, I noticed that several fades, both in and out, were missing.

Going back to the .vpj file I saw that the fades were missing from some of the text clips to which I had given final tweaks, immediately prior to the export. I had not noticed that the blue ‘X’ and/or “fx” icons, on the clips, had greyed out. Silly me, eh ?

Any clarification would be most welcome.

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" ...However, where I have spaces between the text clips, (as I have aligned some of them to specific ‘sound’ detail in the audio track), I am finding that the “fade in” and “fade out” options disappear if the clip is moved. ..."

Using VP 6.30 (Latest)

If you add a Fade in (using f) at the start of the text clip and Fade out using the TRANSITION option (X) at the end  the text clip, both ends of the clip show the blue effects bar.  If the clip is then grabbed and moved those bars temporarily disappear but should return when the clip is released. This happens here on the LAST text clip on the timeline BUT  I have noticed that if this is done on a text clip to the left of this one the Fade out TRANSITION (using X) does not return which is a bug.  It also applies to any other TRANSITION you might have added to the end of a clip.

I have filed a bug report.




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Setting FADE IN or OUT from the effects window doesn't create an entry there, as it does with other effects.

The IN is similar to clicking the "F" on an individual clip (or the first of a series).  The OUT is like clicking the X transition button.

After those have been set, moving the clip doesn't affect them here:  the fades remain, with the exception of what Nat and Jimmy confirm.

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Thanks for that chaps.

I have had a closer look at what is going on here and can confirm that it is as Nat stated. If the clip is moved then the "X" effect  at the end of the clip is lost, but the 'f' and 'FX' at the beginning of the clip remain.

I am using Version 6.29 Free. maybe that has something to do with it ?

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You are tacking onto a 2018 thread;  best to start anew with a descriptive subject and details in the body.

When a clip is first in the sequence or follows a gap the f in the clip can be used to fade up.

To fade out the end of the project click the X in the clip and use the crossfade transition.

Fade IN/OUT/CROSSFADE that are available via the effects configuration screen are the same.  They're transitions..

Generally it's best to apply fades last, as moving or sizing clips can destroy them.  But working on unrelated clips should not.

Consider updating to this version.  For licensed users upgrades are free for up to six months from purchase date.  After that, VP will continue to fully function but a fee will be required in order to register the newest.  Retain your old install file and registration info.

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Note this thread is 2 years old and there have been many changes. This does not happen with VP 8.45   You can move (drag) any text clips having a Fade-in (f) and Fade-out (transition Fade) and both fades are retained. (Later versions are the same but have other problems which hopefully are being dealt with)  VP 8.45 seems reasonably error free.

Try the latest version if you wish....  https://www.nchsoftware.com/videopad/versions.html

or install  VP 8.45....   http://oldversiondownload.com/

Keep your current vpsetup.exe and license code and simply install your choice over your current installation.


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