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Cannot control input signal with MixPad

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I am relatively new to MixPad. A friend whom I am recording with has MixPad and I bring home copies of our day's music to work on parts etc.

When I load the program everything works great. When I want to add a guitar part I find that I can't control the input level using MixPad. I end up adjusting the output of the Lexicon Alpha that I am using to make it work.

When I am recording the track I can't hear it but as soon as I play it back, there it is, loud and clear. I am using Windows 10-64 Plenty of processor speed and RAM. I have uninstalled and reinstalled MixPad a couple of times and nothing changes. 

I can use the Cubase recording software that came with the Alpha and it works correctly. The problem is that the MixPad program is just so much better that I won't use the Cubase mixer.  MixPad"s GUI is in a different League than Cubase.  Cubase came with the Asio driver and it works for Cubase. MixPad comes with ASIO based drivers and they ARE active. Anyway, if anyone can help, I hope I have left enough information to start with.

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