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Drop Down Boxes Sort Order


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I have been using EA for around ten years without difficulty.  Suddenly and with no apparent input from me the contents of all drop down boxes (customer payments etc.) are no longer sorted alphabetically.  I have tried restarting, recalculating balances, new copy of EA but nothing seems to shift this bug.

Ideas greatly appreciated.


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I'm having almost the same problem.

For example, these dropdown lists are displayed in random order:

  • Accounts in the View Journal dialog
  • Accounts in the Journal Entry form
  • Customers in the New Invoice form and Invoices enquiry list (shout alphabetical in Customers list view
  • Suppliers in Accounts Payable, though alphabetical in Payments and Purchases form
  • Accounts in Account Enquiry report
  • etc …

This is causing a lot of extra work to find and pick from the jumbled lists


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I received the following from NCH on December 7th....

"Thank you for contacting NCH Software Technical Support,

We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused. The issue has already been reported to the developers for further testing, however we do not have an estimated when the issue would be addressed but as soon as we have an update on this matter we will notify you by email.

If you need further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us back.



NCH Customer Service Team"

Not very helpful I'm afraid - I don't understand it as it has been working fine for years and I have not upgraded the software recently...

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I too am facing this issue, I'm on Mac. I have been using EA 5.03 (don't even dare to update to 5.08 or upper) on a Mac, after upgrading my Mac to High Sierra, I am facing product list not in alphabectical order and other modules are also facing the same.

I thought the newer version of EA might solve my problem and almost wanted to purchase the upgrade, I downloaded the trial version and tested on Mac OSX Mojave, to my horror it is even worse. If I go to "Account Payable" module, linking the Purchase Order did not even filter the list to the specific supplier list, I will show all other suppliers, making everything in a big mess.

Every Software update / upgrade should be an improvement, but it seems that NCH is making every update of their software become worse. 

If NCH is listening and reading, if your customer is complaining, they still want to stay on with your software and wants you to improve. If they are not interested at all, they would just leave you alone to mess up everything and move on to other alternative software. 

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