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Hi, I have been using MIXPAD for about 5 months to edit my podcast. As I was editing and putting the final touches on the last one all audio was lost. From the recorded audio to the music that was being added to it, all of it was missing. Then the program froze and then it blinked and I lost all of the recorded material. I was wondering if there was a way I could recover the file if it wasn't saved before the program blanked.

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I was having the same problem last summer , a lot. Even previously saved songs, I did notice I had not been saving recent updates. I corrected that and it stopped. until today. I installed an upgraded version, stored the old version on an external hard drive and it seemed to get confused and blanked out the whole song. It has to bet there somewhere The bouncing back and forth between versions was the result of me being charged for the new version. I just did a paid Masters version upgrade LESS than 6 months ago. So the moderator must approve this message maybe get us help[

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