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Is is possible to regenerate a MixPad project from the .aud and .grf ProjectData files

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Hi,  I am new to MixPad.  


My first project consisted of 21 clips and was called "energise-2_83-mins.mpdp".  In order to experiment with the ID3-Tag properties I intended make a separate testing file and copy the first two clips of the '83' file to it.  

When I made the new testing file, I did not realise that this meant the '83' file was no longer open.  So when asked to save the project I mistakenly saved the new and empty testing project as energise-2_83-mins.mpdp.

I quickly realised I had lost 3ish hours of work that I was very happy with.  

I really didn't / don't want to have to start this project from scratch if I don't have to.  

Is there a way to use the .aud and .grf files, that are still contained in the project folder entitled "energise-2-83-mins.mpdp.ProjectData", to regenerate the 21 clip .mpdp project?  

I have tried to import: 
1.. a single .aud file from the project folder and was informed that MixPad can't read this format.
2.. a single .aud file and it's corresponding .grf file from the project folder, and was again informed that MixPad can't read this format.

Any help would be much appreciated



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