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Alto Foot Pedal

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We are using Express Scribe Pro version 6.1.  The foot pedal that we are using with Express Scribe is AltoEdge USB Transcription Foot Pedal purchased from NCH website.  The pedal will not work with a .mp4 nor with a .mp3 file.  The software is Licensed and we checked under About.  We went through the Controller Setup Guide.   I replaced the pedal with another pedal that was in original packaging and never open.  Each time we rebooted the desktop.  Any help would be appreciated. thank you.

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Please be aware that only an AltoEdge pedal works with the free version of Express Scribe, any other pedal requires that you have a license registered. To register your license, open the program, at the top left corner of the program, from the drop down menus, go to "File > Register Software...", enter your registration code (numbers-letters) and click "Register".

To setup your foot pedal:

1- Connect the Pedal to an available USB port of the computer, do not use a USB hub as it might cause it not to receive enough power.
2- Open Express Scribe, go to Options > Control.
3- Check the "Enable foot pedal controller" box, then click on the button "Controller setup wizard...".
4- Click "Next", on the "Plug and Play" tab, the foot pedal should be listed, highlight it and click "Next", click "Next" again on the "Controller Properties".
5- On the "Controller Command Map Test", press the different pedals and confirm the word "Yes" under the "Pressed" column while it is being pressed.
6- Click on "Finish", click "OK".

If you keep having issues, enter a support ticket at http://www.nch.com.au/support/index.html

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