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When we are creating a new invoice, is there a key stroke (or shortcut key on the keyboard) to search for the items instead of clicking on the drop down and scrolling through the list to select an item.

I have seen in lot of many other softwares where either F2 or F3 is being used to pull up a search dialogue box which enables us to search for the items easier.


Is this option available, if yes please advise as I find it difficult to create invoices by scrolling through the item list.

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Hello Baker,

We apologize for the inconvenience, but the program does not have an option to search through the items, not the account's ledger. However, when you are creating a new invoice or order, if you click inside the box and start typing the item's code the program will bring up the items that match the letter entered.  Sadly, that is the only option available on the program at the time.

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