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>> IVM: "out of hours" setting doubt


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Hello to all

my name is Esteban and I'm using an IVM software.

I have set up an out of hours (it's working fine) but sometimes I must to stay in the office doing some paper-work, and I need to have a free internal or whatever that allows somebody to call me after hours.

I mean, when the bussines day finish (about 18.30 pm local time) all the incomings calls are rejected by my "out of hours OGM" settings. Is in this situation when I need to do a "hope" and make a call to some internal(#100,#120,and so on...) passing the OGM.

Is there any way to config the IVM software to identify a tone or a digits series to do the avoid the OGM and talk with somebody inside the office?

I will appreciate any help regarding this issue.

Thanks in advance


> Esteban Borja Lopez


msn: tycmax@hotmail.com

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