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Black frame glitch

Donna R

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If you'd like someone to take a look, please share the project. Here's how...

1.  Save your project.  Then, with it on the timeline, click the FILE menu. SAVE PORTABLE PROJECT AS to any convenient folder.

2.  Open the folder that contains the saved files and ZIP them all.

3.  Upload the zip file to DropBox, Google Drive, MS OneDrive or the like.  It's free.

4.  Make the uploaded file public (share it) and copy the shared link.

5.  Paste the link into this forum.

And be sure you're running the latest version.

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I can confirm the problem (using V6.24 and V6.28 beta). It's easy to reproduce the problem, you don't need a saved project.

Example: Just drag any image A to video track 1 of the timeline. Set the length of it to 30 seconds. Now drag another image B to video track 2 of the timeline, somewhere in the middle of the first image, e.g. starting position 10 seconds. Set its length to 5 seconds, click on the fade in icon and set it to 0.5 seconds or another value less than 1 second. Now click play and you will notice that image B is blending in, but after maybe 0.4 seconds videopad switches back to image A (100% visible, no transparency) for at least one frame and after that it switches back to image B and continues the blending. You also can see it in the exported video.

Note: Fading time values of 1 second or more work well.


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Thanks to those who helped describe how to replicate the Fade in bug.

I replicated the Fade in bug as described, but the OP stated "frame of black added to my fade ins and outs as well as my transitions". I can't replicate the same bug with transitions. Has anyone replicated the same issue with transitions?

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