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Is there a longer trial period available? Or free version?

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Hi all,

Downloaded the 'free' version of Debut to see if it works for me with my setup in my music studio. I just got to the stage of doing some fairly useful tests and the software now tells me I must buy it.

I must admit, this was a surprise as I thought it was a free version. I am not against buying it, but I must establish whether it works for me first. And if it was actually 'trialware' then it was the shortest trial in history! Is there actually a free version of this tool or have I been tricked by the dread 'free' word?!

Help much appreciated!


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OK thanks, I'll try that.

Just to be clear, is this a trial only? The notes state that the software is free for non-commercial use. Is it only free for a feature restricted version?



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