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Automate Master Volume Fader

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Before I get into the main question, I couldn't seem to find a search.  Even posting this it's asking for tags, so I'm assuming you can search the forum some kind of way.  Any help finding that might help in not having to post.  Thanks.....

The meat of the question: I'm trying to figure out a way to automate the master volume fader.  I'm not set on Mixpad yet, I'm still testing the features, but it's one thing I can't figure out.  Also have other programs installed trying to figure what is the best for me.  Mixpad seems relatively simple in comparison to the other programs.  I'm surprised I couldn't find a tutorial on it.  I would have thought that would be a basic thing easy to figure out.  Fade Out/Fade In just sets it on the individual tracks, but there should be a way to control the master fader rather than on each individual clip.

A short term solution has been to save it without fade out, export it, create a new one and then add the fade out separately on the exported file, but even that is a hassle when you could just automate the master fader.

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