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Text not shown fully inside the frame & Video size is also small


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I am using :

NCH v6.24.

OS: MS Windows 7 32 bit

Media Player: Windows Media Player

I added text using "Add Text". When I see on the text editor and sequence preview window(double click), it fits correctly. When I run from the sequence preview window, it displays correctly. But When I export as the video file and played, the text is going beyond the frame and only part of the text is shown. The same result is obtained in Video. I imported video from the files (*.mov and *.mp4). If I run from the sequence preview window (double click), it displays the Video in the full screen and displays the texts and video correctly without any said problem. But When I export as video and Played in Windows Media Player, the size of the video is small. Even if I enabled full-screen mode in Media Player, the size of the Video not shown in full screen.

 How can I solve these issues?

Any help?

thank you,


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