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Exporting issue since the latest updates

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I seem to be experiencing some inconsistencies with exporting since the last couple of updates.

It used to be I would always use the File - Export option when doing a series of exports and it remembered my file destination folder and export settings (1080petc).

After the ... I think 6.23 update... that now brings up a dialogue box that's trying to create a disc. I thought it was just an intended change so I started going through the Export tab or Export option in the tool bar.

Going either of those routes produce the same results. Sometimes it remembers my previous export options, but most of the time it doesn't and I have to guide it to my directory and change 4K to 1080p.

To muddy things, as a test I just clicked on File - Export and *that* time it brought up the dialogue box it used to with the file export (not disc export) options with my preferred folder directory and resolution. But I'm guessing I'll try it later and it'll bring back the disc export screen.

ETA: I just tried to export again with File - Export and back came the disc export options. In addition, when I do get the correct file export options I get two variations of it. One has the templates (like Youtube) drop down menu and the other does not. I can still select 1080p from the resolution drop down menu, though, it's just odd.

And I should clarify, I still have VideoPad open,. I'm not closing it down and reloading it in between these tests.

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Do multiple exports during a single session and the export folder you choose will stick.  Reopen Videopad and it will revert to the VIDEO folder.  It's been suggested that the user should have the option, perhaps in the OPTIONS|DISK box, to select the default folder of their choice.

Resolution appears to default to 1920 x 1080 between startups.  Click the resolution chevron for the drop-down box and choose an "auto match" item or any other that you prefer.

Haven't seen EXPORT|VIDEO summon "create a disk" here.

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Here's a screenshot of what I'm getting when I click File - Export Video....



As a note of interest, I had to try several times to get it to come up because it was actually working correctly for a while there. I loaded up three project in a row and they were coming up with the correct file export window. Then I loaded one up and it gave the disc export one. I went back to one of the previous projects I had just gotten to work correctly and that time it gave the disc export again. So it seems to be happening randomly.

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Export settings now are saved with individual projects - including export destination.

For example, if you export your project to DVD once and save the project. Next time you open the project, the default export destination will be DVD.

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Thanks for the response.

This project, as is with most of my projects, consists of numerous mini-projects - 15 second or so videos that I put in effects, texts, export to their own videos. Those videos will be combined into a final project. So I was having to redo the export settings for each of those mini-projects.

I think probably most of the inconsistencies I was experiencing was because sometimes I saved projects after exporting and sometimes I didn't. However, I have just verified at least one  occurrence of this changing export results.

I wrote down each of the project names and what happened when I went to File-Export. Seven of them had the correct File options (not disc, as in my screenshot) and also had the folder and resolution correct. For one of the 3 that had shown the disc export dialogue box, I used the Export option from the toolbar and exported to my folder and at 1080p. I then saved the project, closed it, then loaded it up again. File -Export then went to File  and correct folder / 1080p. I thought that was my answer to the inconsistencies I was experiencing, but then I loaded up one of the other 2 projects that had previously gone to a Export Disc menu and *that* time File - Export brought up the export file menu with my folder and 1080p selected, even though I hadn't done anything with the project previously but close it. So I don't know what to think about that now.

Request: Would it be possible to have something in the options to put the default export folder and resolution? That way File- Export should always behave the way I expect it to.

Alternatively have a checkbox item in settings that will keep export settings to saved projects (the way you changed it to) or to keep the most recent export settings (the way it used to)?

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