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File does not exist

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When i add a picture to the project i'm busy and open it a few days later to continue the project, i very often get the message "File does not exist" when i want to reopen the project. First a window appears to resolve the picture(s) . When I finished solve the project will load again but the pictures i solved are not in. When i add again a file and click the picture the message File does not exist appears again. Pictures are .jpg or .jpeg. It happens to with Snapshots. Do i need other extensions? Sometimes i clean my Mac with CleanmyMac program but i suppose this can't have any effect on VP. It happens too much. I have VP 6.03 and that's the last update i got from NCH. I use Mac Sierra 10.12.6


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FILE  menu|SAVE PROJECT FILE AS (or SAVE AS) creates a VPJ fiile that maps the path for the files, and the layout of all clips, transitions, effects, etc.

If a file is moved or its name or extension changed, VP can't find it and will prompt to resolve.  If you locate the file, VP will remap its VPJ file to the new location.  Once this is done, resave the project.

Bottom line:  do not move or rename files that VP needs to reconstruct a project.  Use FILE|SAVE PROJECT FILE AS routinely, with an incremental number, to ensure that all elements are up-to-date when the project is reloaded, and older incarnations are retained.  If FILE|SAVE is instead used, the existing VPJ file will be overwritten.

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Macfly, i noticed that in my yesterday's edits some pictures from my Photos are gone. VP names he pictures all "Fullsizeoutput" even  how i named the pictures. There is fullsizeoutput_2bc7.jpeg f.i. That's a problem to find the picture again after i didn't edit a project for a while. But it helps with a submap because the number and extension will stay the same and the pictures stay in. (I use the Mac App Store version)

Thanks, Marc

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Marc, I think Photos names full resolution versions of downloaded files from iCloud Photo Library as "fullsizeoutput_***.jpeg". You can verify that by right clicking on a picture in the image list/bin area and select Open File Location in the popup menu. It will show the file in Preview. 

Did you add the files from Photos using the file browser inside VideoPad (e.g. by clicking the Add File toolbar button) or by drag and drop from Photos? If the former, VideoPad will directly refer and use the original file inside the Photos library. If using the drag and drop from Photos I suggest to select the 'Move to folder' option in the dialog that shows up after the drop. Select a folder where the dropped files will be copied to. Otherwise the files will be copied to a subfolder inside /Users/<username>/Library/Containers/com.nchsoftware.videopad/Data/Library/Caches. For the drag and drop option VideoPad will just use the copied files (whether in the user chosen folder or in the Caches folder) and not the original inside the Photos library. It's just Apple's way of doing drag and drop from Photos

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