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VideoPad version 6.23 - constant crashing

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I recently downloaded the 6.23 Beta version of VideoPad.  The only reason for this was that the previous version, 6.22, kept crashing when I was editing my film.  I thought that updating to a higher version - even if the Beta one - would get rid of the problem.  Unfortunately, not only didn't it help, but it got worse.  Right now, I cannot even convert whatever editions I have managed to make to a movie format (I select .mp4 1080 Full HD) because somewhere in the middle of converting the project, it crashes, and it crashes without any warning!  Simply, VideoPad suddenly closes down and that's it.

I have used older versions of VideoPad before (which I no longer have on my computer) and while not free of all sort of bugs, they certainly didn't constantly crash1  I also used the exact same computer, with the exact same video card (Nvidia Geforce), using the same type of files (.m2ts video files, .wav or .mp3 audio files, .jpeg or .png image files) and the same type of transitions and effects. I used the same computer with the same processor and the same operating system.

Could someone advise me on how to get rid of this problem or how I can get immediate technical asistance?  I have reported the bug numerous times now through a website form but so far I have received no reply from anyone.  I am just about to finish a video project which I would like to lauch on YouTube and facebook quite soon, but due to the crashing of VideoPad, I can neither finish the editing process (or at least it is much slower as I have to launch VideoPad and my prject again after each crash to be able to do anything) nor convert it to a video file and publish on YouTube.

Many thanks

Best regards

Wojtek, Warsaw, Poland

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If this is not an extensive project, share it.  Someone will see if it crashes their machine.  Here's how...

1.  Save your project.  Then, with it on the timeline, click the FILE menu. SAVE PORTABLE PROJECT AS to any convenient folder.

2.  Open the folder that contains the saved files and ZIP them all.

3.  Upload the zip file to DropBox, Google Drive, MS OneDrive or the like.  It's free.

4.  Make the uploaded file public (share it) and copy the shared link.

5.  Paste the link into this forum.

As for those crashes, update the video driver to the latest - from the chip or card manufacturer's WEBsite.

Close other programs when exporting.  Clear Unused Cache Files, under OPTIONS|DISK tab.

In Videopad, under OPTION|EDITING tab, toggle the Use Hardware Acceleration choice.  Likely will make no difference, but it won't hurt to test.

An odd occurrence;  VP has never crashed here.

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