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Hello All,

I have some clips in a video sequence, where the audio volume varies substantially among clips. Other than using the volume control for each clip, I am wondering if VideoPad has other tools for smoothing or normalizing the audio volume across the sequence of clips. 

1. I note under File an option called "Run Audio Setup Wizard". What is the function of the wizard? Is it relevant to my issue?

2. Under Audio Effects, there is an option called "Amplify". In a clip with volume already set at 100%, will amplify help at all in increasing the audio volume of the clip? Are there are downsides to the use of the Amplify feature?

3. Any other thoughts or suggestions on ways VideoPad functions to provide an even audio volume across a number of clips in a sequence?

My thanks in advance for all responses!

Regards, GavinG

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1.  The Wizard is a set-up tool and doesn't apply to your query.

2.  Amplify can be used to boost or cut individual clip volume.  The result will be apparent when the clip is previewed.

3.  Under the OPTIONS|MEDIA tab, check the 'automatically normalize volume' box.  Also try NORMALIZE - one of the audio effects choices.

See this thread.

If those measures don't help with the final product, come back here for more suggestions.

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