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Reversed clip with transition Un-reversed has bug V6.21


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VP 2.61 (Beta according to the toolbar)

Just noted a a bug in the reverse clip action. Steps to show are as follows.

  • Place two clips on timeline...Clip1 + Clip2
  • Reverse Clip1
  • Add a crossfade transition of duration 4 seconds  with overlap choice to the join. Timeline plays normally with reversed Clip1and transition to Clip2
  • Un-reverse Clip 1 


The timeline still plays correctly (normal direction now) but only up to the start of the transition. At this point the crossfade uses the reversed start of Clip1 for its fadeout . It should use the normal end of Clip 1. This 2 second segment in the transition is the still  reversed end of Clip 1

i.e. It's 2 seconds from the start of Clip 1 reversed.

To put this right...If a reversed clip with a transition is un-reversed the action should work from the join and not from the start of the the overlapped transition as this leaves half the transition with the wrong part of the clip (and in reverse.)


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