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Exporting a 1080P video twice = Framing is off?

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I captured some video from a VHS tape from a movie I made 20 years ago. I broke this up into 22 or so separate videos for the different scenes. Of course, it's at 640X480, since it's from a tape. As a test, I exported one of the clips to a 1080p video, and it came out just the way I was hoping. As in figure 1, it displays just as if you're watching 4X3 material on a widescreen TV. I'm almost finished putting the movie together, and the last scene I'm working on I'm superimposing another video onto it (scaled down and rotated). I was finally done last night, but when I exported again at 1080p, it came out like DVD movies did before they started  making them enhanced for widescreen TVs (fig 2).

My first thought was that exporting an already converted 1080p video to another 1080p video Is what did this. But then I remembered that I had already done a test of putting the whole movie together into a sequence and then exporting the whole thing as one video. All those separate scenes were 1080p videos and THAT resulted in a combined video (exported again as 1080p) that had come out correctly just like fig 1.

I kind of panicked after losing that work, so I quickly did a test of taking that same footage from the 640X480 original version that I had thankfully saved, and exported that to 1080p. Was relieved to see that that does still work as before. When I'm able to resume work on it this evening, I'm planning on putting the original 640X480 video in, superimposing the other video, then export to 1080p and hopefully that will come out correctly.

In the meantime, would adding the superimposed video make It lose its correct framing?

Hmmmm... I had made a couple of simple pictures in paint to represent exactly what I'm talking about that I thought I could simply upload (under Insert other media). But the only two choices are Insert from URL - which I could do if I were on my home computer - or Insert existing attachment. But I don't know how to do that second option.


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A 640x480 clip was exported at 1920x1080p.  Aspect ratio was correct, with bars left/right and a slightly cropped image top/bottom.

Superimposed another clip that had been scaled down and rotated, then exported at the same res.  There was no change in presentation.

INSERT EXISTING ATTACHMENT is not enabled for this forum.  Allegedly a security issue.

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Hi Miggy

First thing is:

Before you export anything do a Save Project or Save Project As. This will produce a .vpj file which VP can use to reload your project so nothing is lost.

Second thing is:

Inserting an image into a forum post.

    Do a screensave or have a suitable image available to demonstrate your point. (e.g. a jpeg)
    Go to:  


    and click "Start Uploading" This will open a File upload window.
    In the File Upload window navigate to your image
    Select the image and click Open.
    Click the green Upload button. Your image will be uploaded to Pictr.com
    When upload is complete scroll down and click Embed codes
    Copy the Image URL. (It also has a Copy option if you hover over the text so click the word Copy that appears )
    Return to the forum and in your post place the cursor where you wish your image to insert.
    Now click Insert other media at the bottom of the post.
    Select Insert image from URL. This opens up a window above your post.
    Paste your Image URL that you copied from Pictr.com followed by Insert into post...
    The image will appear in your post at the position of the cursor.
    Left clicking on the image will allow it to be suitably sized in the body of your post.


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Thanks again borate and Nationalsolo. You guys have been tremendously helpful to me.

borate, are you saying you did those tests and that's the results you got? If so, that's what I would expect. I just don't understand what happened last night. Could having an object - in this case, a transparent .png - overlapped off the right edge of the visible image (but cropped so that nothing of it shows through the black edge) cause this?


Nationalsolo, Oh yeah, I make multiple saves of projects, videos, pictures, audio, directories. Might go overboard a little but doesn't hurt to be cautious. The reason I said my work was wasted last night was that I had reinserted a video I had already worked on and then saved over it before I realized the framing problem. So I lost the original (good) version and will have to do that work over. Going back to a former stage of the project is no good, because it has as an element the video.. which I overwrote.. which is now no good. :p

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Could having an object - in this case, a transparent .png - overlapped off the right edge of the visible image (but cropped so that nothing of it shows through the black edge) cause this?

Suggest that you upload the project when it was in the form that caused the issue.  Someone will check it out.

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This morning I started re-working this scene from scratch, but if it happens again I might do that.

And thanks for taking the time to do that testing. It confirms what I thought should be happening, and what I believe has happened most of the times I've exported. Maybe last night was one of those one-time glitches.

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For future reference if anyone runs across this thread: I figured out what happened.

What I was seeing was the result of exporting a 480p video to a 1080p video, then exporting it back to 480p.

I had changed to 480 one time because I was exporting something as a test and wanted it to be done a little quicker (the aspect ration didn't matter for the test). Then I forgot to change it back when i exported that particular video, then must have later remembered to change it back to 1080.

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