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Ending with a text overlay = big headaches

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I ran into an issue last night that was about to drive me crazy before I found a way I could fix it. But I'm wondering if I was doing something wrong in the first place or if this is normal VideoPad behavior.

I did a project that had 4 short video clips put in order (total length is about 40 seconds) with music in the background. I put a text overlay on the last video clip.

Previewing showed no problems, so I exported it to an MP4 movie. When I played back the movie, I noticed something weird at the very end. Eventually saw that the last frame was the text over a black background. So it seemed the text went a frame further than the video. I went back to VP and did the preview again, but NOW that has the same issue. I did a simple cut to all tracks and removed the last half second, thinking that would make everything end correctly. Preview once again showed it properly, but exported movie this time had last frame showing a picture but no text. The odd thing is that once I export, THEN the preview will show the anomalous behavior whereas it shows correctly before I export.

I thought maybe I had messed up the project beyond hope, after having done some minor trimming and clips speed change earlier. So I started completely over. Added the video clips, added the background music, overlaid last video with the text. Exported movie.. same problem.

Hours later, after much hair pulling and trying everything I could think of, I finally got the idea to put the exported movie back in VP and then cutting off the last half second of that, then re--exporting back to the MP4 file. Obviously that resulted in a video having a  last frame with picture and text in tact.

If nothing else, that's the way I could handle this in the future.. but I'm wondering where I went wrong trying to get the first exported movie file to work?

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Couple of things regarding this... It's always a good idea to save your project before doing an export as then you don't necessarily need to start over again if youve closed VP and it cocks up, you can just load the .vpj file. If you still have VP open in the background  and things don't work out, you could also click the Redo tab on the top toolbar to reverse the changes you made.

How did you position your text? If you drag the text overlay image along over the top of the main video track the right edge will snap into place with a white dotted vertical line so that it should  finish with the main track. However if you now step along in Sequence Preview a frame at a time, the text finishes a frame ahead of the main video. i.e. the preview finishes on the last frame of the main track without the text showing. IMHO I don't think this is terribly important as usually one fades text out. I Can't get the text to finish after the main track as you describe. Playing the exported MPEG4 in VP the last frame was quite normal with the text on the frame as expected.


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Thank you borate and Nationalsolo for your responses.

I ended up redoing the whole sequence from scratch and that time the video ended properly. I don't know what was going on before, but hopefully it was just a weird one time glitch.

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Thanks for the response.

That issue seems to have been a one time occurrence. Since then I've been trimming off the ends to make sure everything lines up, and I've gotten the correct results from my exported videos. It did not happen again while I was on 6.20 and I don't expect it to happen again on 6.21, which I installed last night. So far, I'm liking the 6.21!

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