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How do I mute the audio for an entire Video Track?

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I only have one Video Track (and one Audio Track). Ive been looking through the Community Forum and watching the video tutorials for an answer on this. Im thinking it just must be a couple clicks to mute the audio for all the clips on the Video Track. 

Thank you!

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Thanks Borate, but unfortunately that just muted everything (even the MP3 of my audio track that I wanted to play throughout the MP4 file). I think I will just save my Project file and try to upload it to this topic and see if someone knows what Im doing wrong. 

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The mp3 music needs to be on a separate track from the audio track that's associated with the video files.  THAT track stays UNmuted.

If you'd like someone to check out the issue, here's how...

1.  Save your project, then with the project on the timeline, click the FILE menu.  Then SAVE PORTABLE PROJECT AS.  Save to any convenient folder.

2.  Open the folder that contains the saved files and ZIP them all.

3.  Upload the zip file to DropBox, Google Drive, MS OneDrive or the like.  It's free.

4.  Make the uploaded file public (share it) and copy the shared link.

5.  Paste the link into this forum.

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Yes. Thats what I have ( the MP3 IS on a separate track and is unmuted). I just thought I could right-click to the left of the VideoTrack and click "Mute Track". But, I dont get that option. So, I will just follow your instructions and try to upload my project file. Thank you. 

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There's no mute option to the left of a video track.  The mute for the video's audio is on the associated audio track.

If there's a single video track 1, and it has audio, then there will be an audio track 1 as well.  Mute that audio track and the video's audio will be silent.

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Can someone help me out? This is a link to my zipped project file. I want to mute the Video Track. That's all Im looking to do. How do I do that?


More detail:

I want to save this project file as an MP4 file. I want my MP3 file (Audio Track 1) to play in the background. That is the ONLY audio I want to play. 

I want the Video Track (a mix of images and video clips) to have NO AUDIO (muted).

Thank you. 






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Can't say why the project is messed up, but here's a quick fix...

MUTE audio track one.

With the scrubber (red line) positioned at the head of the time line, click the AUDIO FILES tab in the media bin.

Right click on the mp3 and Overlay on Sequence at Cursor.  That will place your music on track 2.

You will also want to fix the final title slide.  Click the IMAGES media bin tab.  Click on that text file.  Click the black box under the preview window.

Position the cursor after the word "season" and press the enter key on your keyboard.

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Borate's suggestion is the way to put things right. In essence you are keeping the current project muted and adding the mp3 again to Audio Track 2. You could also simply drag it from the audio bin down the area marked "Drag and drop your audio clips here to mix" and then move it left or right so it starts playing where you want it.

The question is how did you manage to mix up the sound?:)  A simple way to create a clip/image project with accompanying music track is as follows in this order..

  • Load all the clips to VP
  • Create you Start and End titles.
  • Open the video clip bin
  • Add all the video clips to the timeline in the required order. (You can drag and drop them or use the right click place options).
  • If required step along the timeline and trim the clips in the Clip Preview window using the Start/End markers.
  • Open the image bin and right click each title and using the prompts placing them as required at the start or end of the sequence.
  • Go into Sequence Preview and click the I< button to move the red cursor line to the start of the timeline.
  • Use the >II button to step along the timeline
  • Add your images at the desired points by right clicking  the required image and selecting  Place on the sequence at the cursor
  • Return the cursor line to the start using I<
  • Open the Audio bin, right clip your mp3 (or your accompanying sound clip) and Overlay on sequence at the cursor This will place it on Audio track 2 at the start.
  • If you don't want any of the video sound to play from Audio track1 you can mute them individually by clicking the loudspeaker option on each clip or click the loudspeaker icon at the left end of the audio track which will mute the whole track.

The above steps will  insert the images between the video clips. The duration of each image will be the default time set in Tools/Options but each can be adjusted individually by dragging their ends (joins) right or left on the timeline using the square brackets that appear. In this way you can adjust Video track 1 to match the length of the mp3 playing on audio track 2

Note: This produces a simple video. It can be obviously enhanced in many ways..adding effects and transitions overlaying the titles etc.

Hope this helps



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Thank you borate and Nat. I am going to get to work putting these fixes in place! Ive been a bit persistent in asking these questions (simple as they may be) because this video is for someone who is dying of cancer and may only be with us another week or two. Thank you so much for helping me. 

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Borate, in your 2nd step, you say to click "Overlay on Sequence at Cursor". I dont get that option. See my screenshot below. It appears the scrubber is in the correct position (at the beginning). Any suggestions? My version is Video Pad Professional 6.01


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Differences in versions, no doubt.  As Nat suggests, use the PLACE button instead, under the preview screen.  Click on its chevron and you should see the OVERLAY choice.

Or simply left-click and drag the audio file down to track two, just below track one.

Check out the Videopad tutorials that are linked at the top of this forum.

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Don't fret about asking questions, that's what the forum is for. Most times someone will reply.?

Yes..The versions of VP do differ. If the choices are not seen just drag and drop the audio mp3 clip onto Audio Track 2. (Which is the space below Audio Track 1 labelled " Drag and drop your audio clips here to mix" .) You should then have this......


I agree with Borate regarding your end title but as well as doing an Enter after the word "SEASON" I would also swipe the whole text to select it and reduce the font size to 13. It should then fit better. Note that the text edit window layout does not relate exactly with the project frame layout and what seems OK in the edit window may be too wide or large for the underlying clip.

Hope it works out OK.



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