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How do I save EQ configuration?

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When I click on the Audio Effects menu, and choose Equalizer, a small window comes up with a button that says 'Configure Equalizer...'

Clicking the button opens the Equalizer window with all its options.

I can click everything, make changes, etc., but when I click 'Apply', the window disappears, and the original window with the 'Configure Equalizer...' button is still there.  I see no way to work with the actual Equalizer itself.

What am I doing wrong?

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So... there is no visual after clicking APPLY? I want to adjust the sound as the clip plays, until I get it the way I want it, then save it.  Are you saying that I need to move the sliders to a config that I hope will sound good, then click APPLY, then listen to see if it's good?  And if not, do it all over again?

EDIT: Nevermind, I got it.  Run the video, open EQ to make changes, click APPLY, the video continues with the changes applied.  No need to stop the video or reset the EQ, etc.  It's all good.

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  • Click the FX for the sound clip being dealt with.
  • Click the green + and select Equalizer.
  • Click Configure Equalizer
  • Make changes as required by grabbing adjusting the yellow line. Set Flat to reset the line.
  • Click Apply and check clip. (Effects box remains open)
  • Configure Equalizer to make any changes
  • If you want to keep the configuration click Save Preset Give it a name.and click OK.


Your Preset configuration will now be available for any other sound clip by clicking FX etc and Opening the Equalizer and then clicking the Select Preset button. Your preset will now be on the list.


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