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Editing (trimming, etc) audio independently of video

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I'm sorry if this has been covered, but I tried searching for audio / video / editing and you can imagine how many threads it brought up.

I am new to Videopad, tried it out recently and liked it enough to buy it. I was able to get done what I needed with my initial project, but had to go the long way around to get audio synced up properly with the video.

What would have really been helpful if you could edit the video in the sequence section and it not affect the audio. I would have to remove the audio, edit the video, and then put the audio back in to see if it synced up the way I wanted it.

I did discover you can split a video track separately using the drop down menu and selecting only video, and then deleting the section it creates. But moving that around moves the audio around, and although I can join the audio back together, it then seems to be permanently separated into two segments.

I guess what I wish it did (unless it does and I just haven't found it yet) was that you could highlight a section and have a delete option that only deletes the video track (or audio track, or whatever combination of tracks you need).

Any information would be appreciated!


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Use a right-click on the audio clips, individually, and UNLINK FROM VIDEO.  Then, at the left of the audio track, click the LOCK TRACK icon.

Now proceed to do what you will with video, and the audio will be unaffected.

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The audio and the video are initially associated. You have to think of them as being one track. If you split the clip it splits the audio as well and deleting a section of the clip deletes that section on both tracks. This is analogous to cutting out a section from cine filmthat has a soundtrack.

VP however, has the option of unlinking the tracks making them independent. If you right click either track there is an option to unlink. This means that you can now edit the video on its own or the sound on its own. You can also right click the audio track and create a stand alone audio file copy that can be useful if required.

Once you have split a clip and moved bits about the splits remain (unless you you "redo" your moves) so to prevent the bits from getting moved you can select the first clip and last clip in a selection with the SHIFT key down and from the menu Group them. They will then stay together. You can do this on individual tracks if they have been unlinked.

If you have unlinked an audio track and want to synch it in again having done some trimming you can zoom in a bit and then drag the audio whilst holding down the ALT key. When you release it, it will stay put in it's new position.

VP is very versatile and the options are numerous. Keep practicing with small numbers of clips

Hope this helps.


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38 minutes ago, Nationalsolo said:

Hi Miggy

Nice little first project. I was waiting for him to return the other way! (or change into a different dog.)  :)  Was the title meant to be shaky? Don't forget VP has Titles and Text effects.


Oh yeah, the shaky titles are intentional. That's the charm of No-Budget Productions. :)

I saw the text / title features, but that would make it look too professional. Just buying Videopad alone is 6x the budget of my first movie 20 years ago!

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