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Sound recording on macos 10.13

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Just downloaded Debut version 4.12 for macosx (10.13.6). I've tried recording onscreen video with its accompanying sound, but the only sound source I can choose under the Audio tab in Debut Preferences is  'Built-in Microphone'. This picks up extraneous sounds from the local environment. Is there some hidden option for 'Internal Mac audio' ?

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Mac computers will not allow you to capture the internal sound of your Mac. In this case I would recommend a third party software called ¨Loopback Audio¨ you will need to download it and then when you open debut, it should show as one of the options under the Audio Tab. 

You can download and learn more from here:


Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the info. I'm looking into Loopback.


Apple must have changed things. Back when I used an iMac with OS 10.6, and before that as well, I could use a bit of software called SnapZ Pro to capture video with sound from pages in Safari. Ah well …

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