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Want to plug in mic but then hear anything

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Hi, I just installed Voxal, bought new PC microphone and wanted to try to change my voice in real time. It looks like mic works (I see it on graph or what it is) but I dont hear it. I wanted to hear sound from my laptop speakers, but nothing. I have just one 3,5 mm plug where is mic now. But then I dont hear changed voices. When I put in headphones, then mic is not working. If there is nothing pluged in, I can hear my changed voice but there is lot of noise and echo. I also tried my mobile phone headphones with mic but it is very complicated to use. 

Is there any chance how to set it this way: I want my mic pluged in and hear my changed voice from laptop speakers. If it is possible, how.

Thanks a lot for help.

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You should uninstall Voxal, restart the PC, reinstall Voxal, restart again to setup the audio drivers correctly, then connect your microphone, make sure Windows detects it correctly.

Go to "Options > Preview Audio" and make sure the playback and recording devices are correctly selected, under "Preview Mode" select "Listen to the voice effect as you speak" and click "OK"

Select a voice and click "Preview" you should be able to speak into the microphone and listen to your modified voice while you speak.

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