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Time is wrong when file is viewed on Win10 computer

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I have audio files I'm using from a digital recorder which contain their own time codes.  I'd like to use the audio files in conjunction with time-coded text files.  I have Express Scribe v 5.48 on both a Win7 computer and Win10 computer.

When I open a file in Express Scribe on my Win7 computer, the time codes match the actual clock time of when the file was being recorded, which then matches up almost perfectly with my time-coded text file.  When I open the same file on my Win10 computer, the times are wrong, i.e. a file that shows the time as 09:31:22 on the Win7 computer shows the time as 10:04:28 on the Win10 computer.  I haven't changed the time offset setting in Express Scribe on either computer, and the audio file is in a shared folder I can access from both computers.  Clock times on both computers are identical if that matters.  I'm puzzled why the time is wrong on the Win10 computer.  Any ideas how I can correct this?


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