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Problems backing up and restoring on another Mac


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I´m not sure what the issue is because you provide no details, but to back up data on your Mac from express invoice all you need to do is go to ¨Tools¨  which should be at the top of the program. Then click on ¨Back up data¨ you need to select how you wish to save your data. Since you are restoring the data on another Mac I would suggest to back up on a removable drive. Or you can save the data on a folder in your Mac and then copy the folder to a removable drive. Then on the other Mac, go to ¨Tools¨again and select to ¨Restore Data¨ You will then be asked from where do you wish to restore just look for the removable drive and search for the folder there. Or you can copy the backup folder from the drive to your hard drive and then select the folder from the location you save it in.

If you are having any other issue I would recommend you open a ticket with NCH technical support for them to assist you. You can do so on this link:


Hope this helps!

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