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Splitting large clips into shorter videos

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I am a coming back user. 
Before buying the lattest version I would like to know how to achieve my goal (maybe videopad is not the tool I need …)
I would like to edit converted 8mm films to digital mp4 files of 30mn each (conversion made by a Professional company).
The clips are too long and are a mix of VERY different scenes, which makes them difficult to edit as such.
I would like to split these clips into smaller and more meaningful pieces before starting the edition, without having to put them on a time line.

At least, I would like to be able to select several different "pieces" from the same clip without each new "definition" modifying the previous one…

I am still confused between editing clips versus "clips on a sequence"… Your tutorial video does not show the details in order to achieve this…

Thank you for your help.


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A clip that's imported to the media bin can be trimmed with the red START [ and blue END ] buttons.

The clip can be duplicated with a right-click|COPY on the clip itself, then a right-click in the empty part of the bin area|PASTE CLIP.  The isolated section can be previewed.

The new clip will have an incremented number, and it can be trimmed to isolate a new portion, without affecting the original.  Copy as many times as needed.

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  • Load the clip into VP. It will now be in the Video Files section of the media bin
  • Right click the clip in the Video Files  bin and In the Clip Preview screen mark the section you want to extract with the START/END markers.
  • Click the Place button to put your selection onto the timeline.
  • Click the Sequence tab on the toolbar followed by Add. This clears the timeline and places your selection in the Sequences bin.
  • Re-select your clip from the  Video Files bin and repeat the steps. Note that the Sequence menu will remain in place and still have the Add button at the left hand end.

Each time you can re-set the START/END markers to isolate a different selection of your video clip. The Sequences bin will now contain all your selections as individual clips marked Sequence 1  Sequence 2  Sequence 3  etc.. The number of sequences created will also be shown above the timeline.


Above is an example of the Sequences bin after a clip of the numbers from 1 to 10 were sliced up in this way. Each of the selections contains one of the numbers  0 - 4. (5 sequences + a blank)

You can now use these  clips to build your project in the order you wish.


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