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Two quick questions about available options in newer versions

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Hey - just recently updated to the newest version from 4.48 or something.  Two things irk me about the newer edition that didn't exist in my previous version, and I can't find a way to shut them off in any options menu or anything like that.

Number 1 is that now whenever you shift a clip along the timeline, if that timeline was collapsed, it then becomes expanded automatically.  I do not want this.  At all.  I do video editing with several audio and video tracks simultaneously, and I like to keep them all constantly collapsed so I can see all of the tracks at the same time.  It is MEGA-frustrating to now move a series of clips, then have them all automatically expand - thereby shoving other tracks out of my nice neat view that I set up - and then have to go back and manually collapse each affected track.  Every. Single. Time.  How do I shut that off?

Number 2: how do I get rid of THIS demon?  This "cut all" button that now pops up by the red line in the timeline?  Yeah - don't want that.  I click on the timeline to jump around in my projects - often times minute distances to make precise cuts - and having this "cut all" button suddenly materialize from the ether to not only hinder my desire to jump forward slightly in the timeline if I so choose to do so, but also split all of my tracks up.  Can't find an option to get rid of that, either.

If the option to adjust these two things isn't available, I'll probably just revert back to the version that was working for me.

Thanks in advance to any and all responses.

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Question 1.    I don't think there is a way to prevent this. Track options only work on the selected track, and even if you link or group tracks only the selected track is expanded/collapsed. Why it should expand after moving is perhaps an oversight. Put in a suggestion to NCH to have the selection permanent until a change is required by the user.

Question 2.  Move the red cursor line with the SHIFT key pressed and the Split All prompt will not appear. For minute changes in cursor line position use the Next frame  l>and Previous frame <l buttons under the Sequence preview screen.



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