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Help! New version doesn't take snapshots?

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Hi, I have been using VP since 2012. I got a new version in December 2017 which I used but recently got the newer version, I believe 6.10. My editing depends on the ability to split clips and then snapshot the picture. There is split, 360, and full screen buttons but no snapshot at the bar beneath the sequence.

1. Is there a new way to snapshot?

2. If not, can someone fix this?

3. If permanently gone, is there a way for me to get an older version of videopad back on my laptop?

Thanks for your help.

EDIT: Figured it out, you can now right click and snapshot. Please close thread.

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In the latest version of VP (6.10) place the clip on the timeline and move the red cursor to the frame you require to snapshot. Go into Sequence Preview and you will see the Snapshot button under the Preview window to the right of the Split button. Click the down arrow to right of the snapshot button to select the size of the image to make.  Click the button to create a .png image of the selected frame. This will be placed in the Image clip bin. Snapshots will also be saved to the default folder you have set up under  Tools/Options/Disk.  

Here's the Snapshot button.......


If you can't see the Snapshot button you will need to change a setting in the registry entry for

HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/NCH Software/Videopad/Software/SVar


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Yes, you may have to right-click and snapshot, if the Snapshot button is not there.

You can also access snapshot through the green file menu. In v6.10 you can try one of the following:

Clip -> Player -> Snapshot

Sequence -> Player -> Snapshot

Clip -> Take Snapshot of Clip

Sequence -> Take Snapshot of Sequence



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"If your window is too small, the snapshot button is not visible. "

Correct, but only if the SVar registry entry line is set to VIDEOPADSnapshoton. If it is set the button will be there (but possibly not visible as you mention) but there are no right click prompts.

If it is set to VIDEOPADSnapshotoff then the button will be absent but the prompts will be there.


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