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How do I remove a background?


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So I've got a high-res photo of a person and I want to use their face in another photo. How do I remove the background and leave their body intact?

Before, I did this by going into MS Paint, hand-coloring everything around their bodies a solid color, and then going into VideoPad and using the green screen effect on that color before taking a snapshot.

But that was an extremely time-consuming process. If I made even the slightest mistake, if I were even so much as a pixel off in any direction, the green-screened image wouldn't come out right.

Does photopad have an easier way to do that?

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One thing you could try is the magnet selection tool in the Select tab. This tool tries to make a selection outline that lines up with edges in a photo. Once you have the person's face selected, copy with Ctrl+C and paste into the other photo with Ctrl+V.

The magnet tool might not work super well on large images though, so you may also want to try the polygon, free form, or wand selection tools too.

Note: to add to an existing selection, hold shift and make a selection. To remove areas from an existing selection, hold alt while making a selection.

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