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On Mac Sierra, some shortcut letters do not work.


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Trying FastFox on Mac OS 10.12.6, Sierra.

"=jb" for Joe Blow works, but "=ac" for my full name does not ???? Tried both Simple & Rich text.

"=ad" or "=add" for my address also do not work.

Maybe shortcut can NOT contain a "=a" ???? Seems "=ba", "=da", "=na" are bad too. Same for starting with "/" instead of "="

"=me" does work for my name, and "=em" does work for my email.

All quite frustrating

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1-27-19 I am having the same problem with Mac OS 10.13.6 High Sierra on my desktop. Very frustrating and not at all useful that 50% of the shortcuts work but the others do not!

You're right that it is the shortcuts starting with "a". As a transcriptionist, I hope to get this issue resolved soon ...


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