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Converting YouTubes to IGTV "Vertical" format with VideoPad

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Instagram IGTV is now realeased and out and I figure it would be a great time for NCH VideoPad to publish some "How-tos" and/or YouTube Videos explaining the best way to "convert" YouTubes to IGTV "Vertical" format.

I've been struggling all day and I manged to finally convert one of my YouTubes and post it to my Instagram account IGTV channel. It works but I know I need more help.

Since I'm a VideoPad Noobie I'd really appreciate some help with this. Could someone please respond with a checklist of the "best way" and "best practices" how to do this properly





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Personally I am not using IGTV but you can set up VP to preview and export the 9:16 format although the timeline will still show the clips in a 16:9 thumbnail.

First go to Tools/Options/Display/ and change the values of width and height to an aspect ration of 9:16. (Or use the Custom) option) The resolution chosen can affect the speed of caching etc. so pick some lowish values for a start   e.g. 225 x 400 You can change them later.

The Preview display will now come up with the 9:16 AR but the Clip Bin and Timeline will still be 16:9 with the chequered border (or black bars) to each side but the area of the image is what you have set.  Editing is no different to before except you will now be working within the preview area.


When exporting simply click the Auto detect option the the export window or use the Custom settings obtained from the Resolution button menu to enter your chosen values.If you don't auto detect then the custom values should be those of the original clips.

Pretty certain others might contribute to this thread if they have found other options.




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Thanks! @Nationalsolo
I tried your suggestion... and here's my result. I still need more practice using NCH, but at least I got it to work...

It's a pity that NCH doesn't yet have some kind of official "upgrade" or "work around" or plugin that will allow users to work with the Instagram IGTV format. there are 1 billion Instagram users and Instagram is all about photos, slideshows, and videos. With the new IGTV feature there will be a ton of users out there who will want to convert Youtubes to IGTV format and create "vertical" IGTV format videos!

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