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Editing In Portrait

Cody Vlogs

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I have been using VideoPad for about 2 years now, and with the new release of IGTV, I wanted to make some portrait videos. VideoPad does not seem to be able to export portrait and will instead export it as a 16:9 video, how do I change this? Is there a way to make the preview window(s) portrait view also? TIA! 

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On 6/21/2018 at 10:31 AM, borate said:

Both preview and export can be set to any ratio.  Right-click in the preview window and CHANGE PREVIEW SETTINGS.

In the video export box, click in the RESOLUTION field, then click CUSTOM and input your parameters.

Thank you for the info on the preview settings! I am still having problems with exporting though. I cropped the video to portrait size and exported at 720x1280 and it came out small. Here is what the video came out looking like (The clips that are smaller are the cropped ones):


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You don't need to crop the video. That just makes it smaller. Once you have set the preview to  AR 9:16  the VP frame will be 9:16. Note that the clip preview will still be 16:9 and the thumbnails will be 16:9 but the active area, i.e. the video frame  will now be  9:16 The chequered bars (or the black bars) are simply there to fill the frame. The resolution values you choose only affect  preview resolution (and the processing time to generate,  thumbnails and timeline  etc. Lower values tend stop the incidence of the "Generating Preview" warning if that is a problem you may have.)

You export your project simply by choosing the Preset Auto detect option in the export parameter screen. This will set the export to the resolution of the original clip. If you want something different you can set the values under the Resolution boxes Custom setting


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@Cody Vlogs

It's also worth asking if your original videos are 9:16 or 16:9, because the process might change slightly.

For example, if they're already 9:16 you'll just need to set the preview and export resolutions to a 9:16 resolution and you're good to go!

If your source videos are 16:9 however, and you only want the middle part, that's a bit more complex (if you don't want to lose resolution):

  1. After importing your video to VideoPad, right-click on it in the clip bin, and go to Rotate Clip -> (either option)
    1. After this, your clip should be 9:16, but sideways
  2. Keeping your (now sideways) video selected, apply a "Motion" effect to it, setting the "Rotation" value to either 90 or 270, depending on which Rotate Clip option you selected.
  3. Now you'll need to set the Scale parameter to 1.77 (maybe 1.78 or 1.778) so that it fills the screen. Because the motion effect applies the rotation and scale at the same time, there should be no (or minimal) loss of resolution.

While this is a bit convoluted, it should solve any "shrinking video" problems you have trying to create 9:16 videos from 16:9 videos!

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Thanks! @Cody Vlogs @borate @NotADevWinkWink @Nationalsolo
I tried your suggestions... and here are some of my results on Instagram. I still need more practice using NCH, but at least I got it to work...

Here's my 1st attempt at converting a YouTube:
Here's my fist attempt at a slide show:
Here's my first attempt at using the zoom effect. 

Here's my most recent attempt.

I still need LOT's of help and guidance! I'd like to correspond with anyone NCH VideoPad Instagram users for mutual support!

So if you're an NCH Videopad user and are trying to get  your videos converted/up[loaded to IGTV please send me a proivate message...


It's a pity that NCH VideoPad doesn't yet have some kind of official "upgrade" or "work around" or plugin that will allow users to work with the Instagram IGTV format. there are 1 billion Instagram users and Instagram is all about photos, slideshows, and videos. With the new IGTV feature there will be a ton of users out there who will want to convert Youtubes to IGTV format and create "vertical" IGTV format videos!

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