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inserted .jpeg appears as blank - cannot create new image clips


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Hi all, I swear I am getting CLOSE to being able to use this program proficiently... :(
I am trying to insert a jpeg into the timeline. In both the timeline and the images/video box near the top left when I drag the photo in to the field it appears blank. When played through in the timeline, the video just goes black and also cuts out the audio (song) that is playing throughout the video for the duration of the jpeg.
I have tried restarting, googling around, and can find nothing.
By all accounts it is just a regular jpeg. I took a jpeg, ran it through google deep dream, saved the resulting image as a jpeg, and it will no longer load. I have done this exact same thing in another video and had no problem.
I have made a lot of progress on this video and was really really hoping to not have to start the whole thing over due to some tiny inexplicable flaw like this.
I have tried saving it as a .gif and loading it then, same result.
Pleeeeeease help meeee! :(:(:(
Thanks so much

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Obviously something wrong as it usually easy to add an image to the timeline. First...is the image in the image clip bin visible as a thumbnail? It should have a data label beneath it saying what it is.Does it say .jpg?

If it does then instead of dragging and dropping (which should nevertheless work)  try this.....

  • Place the red cursor line at the point you want to insert the image
  • Left click the image in the clip bin so you see the Clip Preview window.
  • Left click the down arrow to the right of the PLACE button.(Next to 360 button)
  • Select Place on Sequence at Cursor. This should insert the .jpg at the required position.

As this is an INSERTION of the image, the soundtrack will be cut so if you want the image to appear without a break in the soundtrack you should place it on the overlay track by using the option  Overlay on Sequence at Cursor. This option will make the image play on top of the main track obscuring the video on track1but not effect the sound track which will play normally underneath.

If you can't add the image in this way, (and you say dragging and dropping doesn't work) then the image would seem to be faulty. What happens when you use a ,jpg from a different source? If different jpgs also act in this way try uninstalling VP and then reinstalling it.

If the video track plays OK then as a test stop the playback, right click the preview screen and choose Take a Snapshot of Clip. This will place a .png image in the image bin which should insert by all of the mentioned methods. If it doesn't then reinstall VP.

Could be that Google "Deep dream" may have output a non regular or corrupt  jpg... If you can display it on your PC in a graphics package can you resave it as a normal .jpg and use that?

Later....Used an on-line image generator to produce some "dream" images......They worked OK with VP... Rather weird!! ?



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