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Cannot grab and move multiple clips for the life of me.

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Hi, I know that if one holds shift, you can click multiple clips one by one and then move them together.
However while editing lots of parts of a video that have multiple clips working together (many short images, text and audio etc...) this ends up taking an incredible amount of time.
Say I want to move 3 bars to the right, those 3 bars might have 20 little clips in different layers, so I would have to shift click them all, move them, and what if I want to move them again, back one space - you have to painstakingly clicking each one again??? It seems like someone else MUST have noticed this was a problem.
Click-dragging over multiple clips one would think would be the obvious solution to highlight desired clips to move as a group, but click-dragging over items in the timeline seems to do nothing.
Ctrl-A and holding alt while moving clips doesn't work, because that is of course moving all of the clips in the entire movie.
Please please help.

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Select all tracks with <ctrl-A>, full tracks or individual clips by holding down <ctrl> and clicking on each.

A range on a track can be selected by clicking the first clip, then holding down <shift> while clicking the last.  Standard Windows procedures.

Move the selections as one by dragging.  If they snap back, hold down <alt> while dragging.  If audio is linked, both A/V of those clips will move.


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You could also try this:

  • Put the red cursor at the point where you want the tracks to move from.
  • Add a blank clip to the clip bin
  • Left click the blank and then use the PLACE button in clip preview to place the blank on the sequence at the cursor. All the clips to the right of the blank including overlays will move to the right.
  • Adjust the duration of the blank by dragging the ends on the sequence line to suit the movement required
  • Delete the blank from the sequence. All the clips will remain shifted.

There is no need to group them or drag and drop them.


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