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Greetings MixPad users,

We are seeking out users who want to share their best MixPad creations with us. If you have a MixPad project that you would be willing to share with us, it could be featured on our social channels and possibly our website. Please use the following link to submit your finished projects: 

MixPad Show and Tell DropBox

Thank you! 

-NCH Software Marketing Department-

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IS It Me? - or have you taken OUT the snap to cursor option in MixPad 5.0 & above?  If  so, for Gods Sake WHY??? Let me explain....

MixPad automatically lines up my track starts. So far so good.  But in the middle of a track edit, when I've cut out the unwanted bit, versions above 4.31 appear not to let me snap to cursor.

This is LUDICROUS!  I was considering upgrading, but if there's no snap to cursor (which I've not seen if it's there) then NO WAY JOSE!  I use SoundForge 5.0, Reaper & your whole AudioSuite for PC.   Unless I've missed something, you've gone & spoiled a lovely piece of software!  I'm a DJ & I've used MixPad for FIVE YEARS, doing all my jingles on it. I master with it as well So

PLEASE give us our snap to cursor back (if you've took it out)


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