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The Credit Card Gateways tab of the Options dialog is where credit card payments are configured, so that you can accept credit card payments from customers using Copper Point of Sale Software. Credit card gateways can virtually take the place of physical credit card swipe machines and process your customer's payments securely. A list of the available credit card gateways appears on this tab. If you do not see any gateways, click the Update List button to refresh the list. By updating the list, you will see credit card gateways that have been tested with Copper Point of Sale Software. To configure settings for a gateway, select it from the list so that its name is highlighted, and click the Options button. To enable a credit card gateway for charging customers, check the box to the left of its name. Only one credit card gateway can be selected at a time. Note that if you do not enable a gateway by checking its box, credit card charging with Copper Point of Sale Software will not be possible.

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when i try and print the days sales it cant.  it only prints the item at the top of the list. really frustrating as we try to balance the cash register at the en of every shift.

plus we could use a Point of Sale server where the activities of the point of Sale can be monitored from a central location

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What I do is go to the ¨Reports¨ option on the left side menu and then click on ¨Transactions¨, once there I select the dates and then click on ¨Generate¨  to get my sales for the day after that make sure to check the preview option at the top, if the preview looks good what I do is save it as a PDF and then I open the PDF file and print from there.

If this does not work for you you might want to create a ticket for NCH tech support, you can do that here: https://www.nch.com.au/support/index.html 

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