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Videopad V 6.01 FREEZES an added - before edited - videofile at the Sequence Timeline - see my MP4 file

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I had a look at one of your unplayable files..Marijke_Shoot_3.mpeg4  , an H264 MPEG4 1920 x 1080 25fps clip. This loaded into VP but did not produce a thumbnail in the clip bin. Dropped into the timeline It did display a thumbnail but the clip did not play in either the clip preview window or the sequence preview window. It just showed a thumbnail whilst the soundtrack played. I then checked the VP cache and found there wasn't  a full xxxx-xxx-x.video .cache file which suggests VP could not properly index it. It may be a corrupt file (files)

However I converted this video to an mpeg2 video with the same resolution and this played perfectly in VP. (I used AVC)

Out of curiosity I then converted it into an MPEG4 file (even though it was already an MPEG4) and this also played perfectly.  NCH may be able to see where the glitch is but I would suggest you simply convert all the unplayable files "back" into MPEG4.(or use MPEG2 which looks almost as good.)  If these are files you originally exported with VP I would suggest you export using the basic MPEG4 settings and not H264. under the encoder options. Then see if you have the same problem.


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Hi Nat, thanks. First I must read your text more times to understand it better, because I am not that technical... But I will do this later today and try the things you suggest. But this sounds pretty good, I will let you know what are the results.

P.S. I do not know if this is important: Later yesterday, I started to edit another videoproduction. I did record this with another camera. And until now there are no problems with those exported files. Both cameras are pretty new (les than 1 year). The first one is a Canon 750D camera  and the second one is a simple Canon Poweshot camera. 

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Hi Nat,

I followed your suggestion and it works OK now!

Although using BASIC MP4-settings compared with H264 shows a little bit lower contrast/quality. But still is useful for the videoproduction.

P.S.: I guess this H264 was a default in my settings when I bought Videopad, because I never changed it, because I do not understand the technology and then it's better not to change things in the setting.....  So, maybe it is better to make the BASIC setting default in the Videopad-product?

Thanks, Fred

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