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Videopad V 6.01 FREEZES an added - before edited - videofile at the Sequence Timeline

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I use newest V 6.01.  But looks the same problem. I describe this problem:

If I edit a video (MP4) and export the edited video (HD YouTube MP4 etc normal format), then I CAN see this video at all videobrowsers.

BUT: if I enter this video in Videopad V 6.01 and play this video, then this video only shows the first "pic" and freezes, while the audio play normal.

At the Videopad TIMELINE for sequence and for clip, I only see ONE "PIC" (the first "pic" at the beginning) .

This is not the first time OI have this problem and it frustates because I cannot edit created files anymore!


Fred van Ommeren 

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For best response,  please post a single, new topic with a descriptive subject.

Upload your exported, completed file to DropBox, Google Drive, MS OneDrive or the like.

Make the link public and post it here.  Someone will check it out.

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