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Problem adjusting text fade-out speed

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Hey all....  Just trying to figure out a problem with a text transition.

Once a text block is inserted it is easy enough to zoom in on it enough such that the transition icons show at each end of the clip, and can be clicked to open the transitions window.  Once the text fade-in and fade-out are set, I can adjust them further by pulling the edge of the black transition bars along the top edge of each end of the text clip. However, on the text fade-out, even if I pull the bar longer (to the left, in other words) so that the fade-out starts sooner, and with the goal of making the fade-out last longer (slower), what happens is that the fade-out does in fact start at the left edge of the adjusted fade-out bar, but the text disappears just as quickly, long before the cursor has passed through the end of the fade bar.  Adjusting the value manually in the transition window does not help.  What's the trick on this one?

Thanks in advance!

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Don't use a transition to fade out.  Click the FX button at the bottom-left of the clip and choose the TRANSPARENCY (opacity) effect.

Open the preset dropdown and choose FADE OUT.   Click the icon with the squiggly line, to expose the animation line.

In the graph, near the end of the clip, drag the blue line upwards.  A keyframe will be created when the mouse is released.

This line is the fade trajectory.  Drag the keyframe dot left or right to change the fade length.  Drag it up or down to change transparency .

To UNDO press <ctrl-Z>.  To delete keyframes, place the pointer on the keyframe until it lights up, then right-click and DELETE.

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Using the Transparency effect as Borate describes will give you what you want. The basic Fade-in and Fade-out keyframe graph looks like this but is a bit abrupt and in this case would have the maximum duration for both, each being half the duration of the text clip....


You can easily drag the blue line up to the top to make either fade shorter........


Here the line has been pulled up to the top (0% transparent) to produce the he yellow keyframe marker. The Fade-in is now short but the Fade-out still  starts half way through the clip . Of course you can also shorten the Fade-out in a similar way....


Now the Fade-in and Fade-out are more rapid but leave the text visible for longer. Experiment with the Transparency effect to get the timing you want.


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Wow... I had no idea this is possible.  I have worked extensively with multi-track audio, so dragging and reshaping fader/envelope lines is a familiar process.  Thanks to JimmyRustle, borate, and Nationalsolo for your quick replies!

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